Priorities with Healthy Living

  Life is all about priorities. When I tell others I eat predominantly organic and eat grass fed meats, they respond with “that is so expensive.” It depends on how you see it. I don’t go to see a doctor or get nearly as sick as I did when I wasn’t eating organically, but I’m […]

Lara’s Weight Loss Story

  I lost 130 pounds.  I am ecstatic & proud of myself! I have lost a whole person.  Seeing really is believing when you see a transformation like this!   I wasn’t always overweight. In fact, growing up I was at a very healthy weight. During my marriage & in my early 30s, I suffered […]

Past, Present, Future – poem

Past, Present, Future Our past is what it is It is not something we can change If we *do not learn from history Then we are doomed to repeat it* So it is vital to learn from life experiences But the past does not have to define us Don’t look at the past with regrets […]