The Road of Life – poem

                          The Road of Life   Staring into the distance, I see a light shimmering oh so faintly. That light grows brighter with each step I take. The wind dulls the light to a sliver at times as I take a breath with […]

It’s a Driving Life – poem

It’s a Driving Life Orange cones Traffic delays Accident on side of the road Green lights go Yellow slow down Red light stop Being directed by cops when lights out Yield to your left Yield to your right Don’t forget to stop Slow down and decrease your speed Kick it up to the speed limit […]

Look at me – poem

Look At Me   If you look at me, You may not can tell, But I’m broken, I’m flawed, I am by far not perfect But who is, Broken & damaged, I’m loved, I’m cherished, By the one who created me, Even when no else does, I love and accept myself as is, And even […]

What is it you see? – poem

          photo found on Internet   What is it you see? What you see may not be what you see. Is it an illusion?   What you see is your perception. Does another see it the same way or not?   Judging a book by its cover, Is it not the […]

The Past Not Forgotten – poem

The Past Not Forgotten Looking back at my past I can’t help but wonder at times If I had made a different decision Of where the path had taken me Choices that haunt me Choices that comfort me Some make me smile Some make me cry Sometimes conversations lead to Jolting me back to the […]

Power in Words – poem

Power in Words There is power in words. There is power in what you say And how you say it. It matters how we treat others, So it matters what is said. They say ‘sticks & stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me,’ That is so far from the truth it’s […]