The Basics of Makeup

  Are there rules in applying makeup? Does it matter in what order you apply it? Should I wear makeup and what should I wear? Some of us wonder about the answers to these questions. Common sense should tell you not to apply makeup in a moving vehicle (specifically a car) especially any kind of […]

Defy or Embrace Aging

  Many women think when it comes to makeup the more the better. I have found especially as I become older less is better. As we become older, it is inevitable that signs of aging will show on our skin. We will get fine lines and wrinkles; it is a part of aging no matter […]

All it takes is 26 seconds

  Not only does it take 26 seconds for chemicals to enter your bloodstream, but because of that it will cause internal & external problems. It may not happen overnight, but over time what you use will cause issues. One product can have at least 10 toxic chemicals in it. How many products on average […]

Mirror, Mirror wherever you are

  Makeup mirrors are a wonderful invention.  When I was a teenager, it was a must to have one in my bedroom that way when loved ones stayed overnight (or longer) at the house, I could put my makeup on in my bedroom.  Doing that freed up my time of being in the bathroom which was […]