Listen To Your Heart

In the hilarious movie Bridesmaids, there is a pivotal scene between Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig characters which hits home with all of us when we are feeling sorry for ourselves.  Go here to see the scene.  The specific quote I want to bring to light with this scene is “You’re your problem and you’re […]

There in the distance – poem

There in the distance, there is a place There in the distance There is a place. A place I’ve always longed for A place I’ve always needed. There almost in my grasp. I can touch it Yet it is so far away. Like sand between my fingers It falls away so quickly. That place in […]

I said No – poem

I said NO not YES No! Did I say yes? I said, No. When I say no I mean no, So do not take it as a yes. Do not misconstrue what I say. So why did you do it? Why did you choose to do that when I said no? Do you not listen? […]

Still grieving

Whirlwind of emotions have surfed up I don’t know about you, but I’m still grieving with what happened last week in California. I’m grieving with the Pepperdine University community (my home for 10 years) & those whose lives were taken at the Borderline shooting in Thousand Oaks, California, see this post for more information. I […]

The Road of Life – poem

                          The Road of Life   Staring into the distance, I see a light shimmering oh so faintly. That light grows brighter with each step I take. The wind dulls the light to a sliver at times as I take a breath with […]

Comfort in grief

When a dear long-time family friend passes away (or when anyone you know passes away), it forever changes you. It makes you think & question your own life, your own choices. Like many a life that has gone on before him, his life becomes etched onto our hearts. Taking a piece of our heart, & […]