Be moved to action

The way we think about ourselves is powerful. When we are positive & feel and think we can do anything, it moves us to action. It moves us to do whatever is humanly possible. And it moves us to do what we even think we are not capable of doing. If someone told me four […]

Past, Present, Future – poem

Past, Present, Future Our past is what it is It is not something we can change If we *do not learn from history Then we are doomed to repeat it* So it is vital to learn from life experiences But the past does not have to define us Don’t look at the past with regrets […]

Being your authentic self – poem

One of the most rewarding feelings we can ever have is being confident in who we are. To doubt yourself or to even criticize self is not the right thing to do, but it is something most of us do at some time in our life. It’s OK, you are human, and you are going […]