Vitamin C Serum

I came across this serum many years ago via Facebook because of a fan page I liked and it is a Vitamin C Serum recipe (please feel free to see original recipe) which I used for several months. I originally wrote this on my blogger account and received over 3300 views over the years, but that’s not really […]

Tips for healthy hair

Not everybody has good, healthy hair. People over process and dry out their hair with too many chemical laden products & heat from blow drying and other styling means. When all the girls in High School (back in the late 1980s) were plastering their hair with hair spray & other hair products, I was the […]

Taking care of nails

Others ask me what I do to keep my nails looking so nice & neat.  I use two ingredients, and most people have them in their home already.  Castor oil and baking soda are what I use and men & women can use do this. When I shower, I use baking soda at least twice […]