The many uses of Baking Soda

Baking Soda, sodium bicarbonate, has a multitude of different uses from cleaning to personal and really the list is quite endless. Because Baking Soda balances out the pH level in our skin, it does the same internally as well.  It clears out the toxins, thus it cleanses the body from the inside out. Baking Soda […]

Those pesky raised bumps from shaving

Ever get the pesky raised bumps after you shave?  I know many women who get them especially around the bikini area. I use to get those raised bumps every time I shaved my upper legs (& bikini area) and it didn’t matter what of soap or shaving gel or cream I used. I have extremely […]

Taking care of nails

Others ask me what I do to keep my nails looking so nice & neat.  I use two ingredients, and most people have them in their home already.  Castor oil and baking soda are what I use and men & women can use do this. When I shower, I use baking soda at least twice […]