Green Beauty

When it comes to Green Beauty, it is important to look at the ingredients.  Whatever you do, do not go by when it states on the bottle that it is “organic” or “natural” because it doesn’t necessarily mean it is, please research it for yourself. The fewer the ingredients the better especially when it comes to skincare. Ingredients you can pronounce and know what they are is crucial when looking at ingredient listing on products because it takes away a lot of time when you have to look up that kind of information, but it’s understandable when one has allergies or sensitivities. Check out EWG skindeep website to see how the products you use rate or add the app they have to your mobile phone.

Because of having sensitive skin as well as having sensitivities and allergies due to even natural ingredients, I am extremely careful of what I put on my skin. I have a knowledge & passion for skin care since I was a teenager and for cosmetics since I was very young.  I went to beauty school when I was in my early 20s for the Esthetician license, and I have remained very passionate about my love for skin care that people say I look at least 10 years younger than my age.  I am all about non toxic, natural, & organic living from the inside out. Coconut is among one of the ingredients I cannot use if it is a main ingredient and really it is best if I don’t use it.  Coconut is commonly used in green beauty products, so I have had to educate myself in all the names and derivatives it goes by in order to avoid using it.  I’m consistently and constantly reading ingredient listing.  The brands listed are in no particular order & ones I put my trust in and continue to be a repeat buyer. I highly recommend all of them. Make sure to check out this page periodically for updates. — check out their hair coloring products, great products to color and highlight your hair. — check out their cosmetics, many of them made without mica, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide. My favorite products that I use every day are the loose & pressed foundations, multi tasking powder, concealer, and  I have a few of their make-up brushes.


The following I have used different cosmetics from and love them all for different reasons and simply because the products stated below do not irritate or bother me. — Liquid foundation, lipsticks, & Aura Multi Use Classics are definitely worth using. They have samples which are a great way to try products. — Their eye palettes, loose eye shadows, eye liners, and blushes are a must try. — The shades of loose and pressed eye colors & eyeliners are vibrant and lovely colors. Some of the loose eye colors I use as blush & on the lips. Their lipsticks are wonderful jewels on your lips.  They have samples which are a great way to try products out. If your lipstick breaks, they replace it. They are very reasonable in price which is definitely a major reason I keep buying from them.