Poetry & Writing

When you write it gives you a voice It doesn’t matter what you write it gives you A voice to speak up and tell how you see things No one, no matter what others think or say can take that away from you. Just because we see things differently from someone Does it mean others […]

Most Common Blogging Questions

  When I’m reading the comments I receive I always get questions about blogging. Even though I would love to write each of you back, I don’t always have time to do that so this post will answer the most common blogging questions I receive. Please know I appreciate your willingness to ask questions. That is […]

The Basics of Makeup

  Are there rules in applying makeup? Does it matter in what order you apply it? Should I wear makeup and what should I wear? Some of us wonder about the answers to these questions. Common sense should tell you not to apply makeup in a moving vehicle (specifically a car) especially any kind of […]

Looking Back

Looking back over my marriage, I saw clues but never did I hear such words as “I didn’t like him” or “I don’t trust him” come from other people’s lips until I decided to leave.  After 16 years of being with him (from dating to the end of the marriage), did I hear those words. […]

Celebrate You! – poem

            Photo found on Internet   Celebrate you! Celebrating You! You are different for a reason! God made you to be a unique individual, So you could be you And not be another person As there is no other like you. Just because we may have differences Does not mean […]

Tomato Soup & Cheese Sandwich

One of my absolutely favorites is tomato soup.  It is definitely one of my comfort foods, and I love eating soup in the cooler (& cold) months of the year.  When I’m feeling cold, it helps warm me up. When I was a child (especially when I was sick), I would take Campbell’s Tomato Soup […]

Toxicity in Trash

  If you don’t respect & honor the land, how do you expect to truly respect and honor yourself, others, & animals? Think of it this way. When you don’t dispose of trash properly, it gets in the water and soil. We plant gardens with the soil and that trash can lead to a very […]

My health story in a nutshell

Natural and holistic alternatives have been a part of my life for over 30 years due to I was born with Systemic Candidiasis (an invasive yeast infection within the body). I was in my late teens when it became properly diagnosed. For many years, I was in denial with having this because I didn’t want […]