Mindfulness Becomes Positivity

Words such as anxiety and fear connote negativity in most of us. We see or hear the words and it sparks an uneasy feeling or an overwhelming sense of insecurity. We are hearing these words so very much right now especially with what’s going on such as rioting in our cities around the U.S. People […]

The foodie in me

During the time with COVID-19 going on and needing to shelter at home, I found some combinations of food I like to eat. I have been cooking more and going to the 3 grocery stores I shop at once a week to every 10 days.  I have not eaten out, or done curbside or take […]

Always Work On Being The Best You — poem

What would you tell your younger self? We learn so much from living our life every day. The longer we live, The more mistakes we make The more we want to tell our younger self more. As life cannot be lived without mistakes And mistakes cannot be made without living. Foremost forgive yourself, Be kind […]

No matter the differences

I have been thinking about how the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd make me feel, and emotions such as anger, disgust, and sadness are at the forefront.  Both are senseless acts that did not need to happen.  I grieve for their families & friends and am lifting prayers up for them. There is […]

Prep that Smoothie

How do you smoothie?  Do you make a green smoothie? As the weather turns warmer, I start making and drinking more smoothies than any other time of the year. With living in Texas, for me that means I’m drinking smoothies from May until at least September. Any day or time when I’m not really hungry or […]

Loss during COVID-19

In the midst of the COVID-19, there are families who have lost loved ones. Many of them have not been able to have a memorial service due to what is going on in our world much less bury them.  My heartfelt sympathies to all who have lost someone during this time.  It is hard enough […]

Fly loved one, fly

Below are two poems I wrote for those who are grieving a loss of a loved one.  I hope you find comfort, peace, and some closure in your loss. The first poem I wrote when my maternal grandfather passed away in 1997 and I added to it when my father passed away in 1999.  The […]

How many ways are there to say NO

Exercise your right to say no.  I think women in general have a hard time saying no and it doesn’t matter what it is.   As women we get caught up in so many things and in others lives because we are innately nurturers and we want to please others.  We forget about taking care of […]

The Pathway to Happiness

   Happiness is defined as the state of being happy.  Don’t you just love it when the dictionary uses the same word to describe the meaning of a word! How repetitive can we be! What is being happy? According to the dictionary, happy means showing pleasure or contentment.  Mind you, pleasure and contentment are different. We […]

Thankful/Grateful Jar

          What am I holding? I am holding my thankful/grateful jar. Every week in 2019, I wrote down at least one thing I was grateful and thankful for that week. I numbered each note on the inside & outside of it whatever week it was, so if it was week one […]