Thankful/Grateful Jar

          What am I holding? I am holding my thankful/grateful jar. Every week in 2019, I wrote down at least one thing I was grateful and thankful for that week. I numbered each note on the inside & outside of it whatever week it was, so if it was week one […]

Looking Back

Looking back over my marriage, I saw clues but never did I hear such words as “I didn’t like him” or “I don’t trust him” come from other people’s lips until I decided to leave.  After 16 years of being with him (from dating to the end of the marriage), did I hear those words. […]

My health story in a nutshell

Natural and holistic alternatives have been a part of my life for over 30 years due to I was born with Systemic Candidiasis (an invasive yeast infection within the body). I was in my late teens when it became properly diagnosed. For many years, I was in denial with having this because I didn’t want […]

Find Joy

Find Joy Every Day And In Something Every Day!   Life is too short as we are not even guaranteed today.

Never gone – poem

Never gone, Always in my heart And always in what I say and do. Just because you are not physically here, Doesn’t mean I don’t love any less, And it doesn’t mean I care any less. I may go through life without you by my side But it doesn’t mean you are not here. Even […]

Get out, move on

Ever have thoughts of someone you know you don’t want to be reminded of or don’t want to think about anymore because you have moved on with your life.  I know the feeling. Whenever that happens to me, the following is what I do and yes, this does work.  You don’t have to believe it, […]

What’s so good about it?

Fred came in the office and in his warm tone said, “Good Morning!” Sally  looked at him peering over her glasses and said, “What’s so good about it?” Another coworker, Anna said, “It’s good I have another day of life. I’m thankful I still have 10 fingers and 10 toes.” That little scenario is based […]