Poetry & Writing

When you write it gives you a voice It doesn’t matter what you write it gives you A voice to speak up and tell how you see things No one, no matter what others think or say can take that away from you. Just because we see things differently from someone Does it mean others […]

Celebrate You! – poem

            Photo found on Internet   Celebrate you! Celebrating You! You are different for a reason! God made you to be a unique individual, So you could be you And not be another person As there is no other like you. Just because we may have differences Does not mean […]

Never gone – poem

Never gone, Always in my heart And always in what I say and do. Just because you are not physically here, Doesn’t mean I don’t love any less, And it doesn’t mean I care any less. I may go through life without you by my side But it doesn’t mean you are not here. Even […]

Our life is a book – poem

We all have a story And our life is a book. Turn the page To the next day. To read on You must live and learn. It’s Okay to reread As you may learn something new. It is Okay to rewrite As it will take you a different route. Share your story So others can […]

Earth Disguised – poem

Earth Disguised   My eyes have seen the virgin earth which has been tainted, Tainted by evil and with sin. Something which I have no control over. My heart knows the sadness and pain in which you endure. Mother Earth! How I will never know the waters you tread. My nose has smelled the poisonous, […]

Don’t Just Walk Away – poem

Don’t Just Walk Away   Say something; Don’t walk away without saying something. Saying you are busy and don’t have time to talk is better than nothing. Saying something is better than nothing. Saying talk to you later is better than not replying at all Saying goodbye forever is better than to just walk out […]