How many ways are there to say NO

Exercise your right to say no.  I think women in general have a hard time saying no and it doesn’t matter what it is.   As women we get caught up in so many things and in others lives because we are innately nurturers and we want to please others.  We forget about taking care of ourselves for that reason. As a single, divorced woman, I find it quite liberating to say no. I have found in the process of taking care of myself, I don’t have to please others. What is important is to make myself happy no matter what others think or say; I have to feel good about the choices I make regardless of that.

On occasion I like to really practice saying no, so I deliberately put myself in situations where it is the only choice I have.  Women get taken advantage of by men whether we know what we are talking about or not.  It helps to be well informed and knowledgeable, but there will always be something we lack an interest in or just don’t know much about a subject.  For me it is cars, I know very little about everything with them so it’s important to have a mechanic who is honest and reliable which I do (and I hope you do too). Luckily, my brother in law knows all about cars, so he often advises me on car repair and maintenance, but he lives in another state so I don’t see him much.

Every once in a while, I get maintenance done on my car at the dealership.  When that happens, their sales people come into the service room to entice you to go to the showroom and  view the newest vehicles; this happened to me. Not even five minutes into my being in the showroom, I tell the sales person I’m only doing this to kill time while my car is being serviced and I’m not in the market to buy a car.  He seems OK with that, but he still talks to me as if I’m going to buy a car, even has me test drive a 2019 Toyota Corolla LE which I didn’t mind at all.  As we drive around town and continue talking, I continue to tell him off and on, I’m not in the market. I tell him I don’t have the income. I tell him in different ways no and I even say no. I told him I cannot buy a newer car at this time.  By the time, we get back to the dealership, my car is completed in being serviced. The salesman sees my interest in the car we test drove even though I have told him no many different ways by this time.  He then goes to his superior and I go through the same conversation with him, but he is sweetening the deal and telling me he is trying to meet his quota.  In the end, I say “Know this. When I look for a newer vehicle, I’m likely to come here.  I commend you for your salesmanship. It doesn’t matter how you sweeten this deal, I do not have the income or any kind of means to buy a newer car. Thank you for your time. I need to leave now.”

This was a true test to see how far the salesman was willing to go and me continuing to say no.  I could have had a real sweet deal with money in my pocket, not having to put any money down, and having a low payment plan.  The car I have currently is used and paid for, I see no point in having a new car with all the new technological features they have these days and have a car payment every month. No, thank you! When I do get another car, more than likely it will be a used car once again. The point is I stood firm, kept my composure, stood my ground, and continued to say no!  I challenge you to do the same!  Whether you explain yourself or not, stick by your no!



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