Thankful/Grateful Jar

20191231_104129          What am I holding?

I am holding my thankful/grateful jar. Every week in 2019, I wrote down at least one thing I was grateful and thankful for that week. I numbered each note on the inside & outside of it whatever week it was, so if it was week one that is what was written on it.  Today, I decided to put them in chronological order and read all these.

One thing in particular I wrote more than twice is being thankful for the doctors who help take care of me and have made a difference in the betterment of my health.

What did I learn by doing this each week?

1. It made me appreciate and not take anything for granted.
2. Counting our blessings is better than crying about our miseries even if we are in physical pain because it can make matters worse if we focus on the negative; no good comes from that.
3. Looking back over everything I wrote, reminded me of what I did and did not remember. Some made me smile, some made me laugh, a few brought tears, and a few made me ponder about life.
4. Nonetheless it reminds me of how life is not perfect. Life has it trials, traumas, and hardships. But life is also good and beautiful. Life is short and precious, and it is important to live a life you love and makes you happy.
5. What matters is how we react and respond to what comes and does not come into our life. And doing so positively and on a good note speaks volumes about who we are.
6. Doing a weekly notation of what I was thankful for as well as every day keeps me mindful and filled with everything that is good and lovely. It helped me to be more positive.  It helped be more happy and content with what I do have.
7. Once it became a habit, I was more grateful and thankful for everything in my life. And it makes me appreciate the people in my life more.

Will I do thankful jar for this year? That I haven’t decided. I journal every day, so I do write what I’m thankful for in it.

If you have never done a thankful jar, I would definitely recommend it; although, I would encourage doing a daily thankful jar for 100 days with 3 things that made you happy and/or thankful for. You can do this on any type of paper of your choosing from scraps of paper. a journal, notebook, or on the computer.  Doing this helps turn on the positive mode in our brain and it helps us be accountable and keeps us motivated.

I encourage you to do this for 2020.


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