Most Common Blogging Questions

Blogging Questions  When I’m reading the comments I receive I always get questions about blogging. Even though I would love to write each of you back, I don’t always have time to do that so this post will answer the most common blogging questions I receive. Please know I appreciate your willingness to ask questions. That is the only way we get the answers we seek.  Half of the battle with anything is asking questions and researching things for yourself. It makes it harder especially when others don’t want to help us; just keep plugging along until you seek the answers and the help you need when it comes to anything.  


  1. Search & research online whatever the subject matter is; web browsers replace the library and they knock out a lot of competition when it comes to finding information now. What can you not find on the Internet these days? Everything and anything can be searched online if you know how to do it.  In doing this, do not use Google search engines. Google collects & tracks so much of the information we use online about us to know what we are doing.  I know many people use Google, but when it comes to certain subjects you may not find what you are looking for so it is important to use another browser such as DuckDuckGo as it doesn’t track what you do or use Mozilla Firefox. Some web browsers have a setting where you can enable a “no tracking” request. Want more info about that, then go to this article. When searching online think outside of the box and not just common ways of thinking of how to search for something.  Do searches on “how to start a blog”, “best ways to start a free blog”, “best webhosts for free blogs”, etc.  That just gives you an idea of how to search. Some people don’t know how to think outside of the box, so ask friends or other people you know, how they would search for something online as that will help you.
  2. Do blogs use WYSIWYG editors or do you have to manually code with HTML?  It really depends which webhost you use.  Some use WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editors, some allow you to manually code with HTML, or they use a bit of both.  Some webhosts allows you to tweak certain areas of your site whereas others don’t.  You have to be willing to research this yourself if going to have a blog.
  3. Is it difficult to set up a blog?  The answer is no, it is pretty simple even for the technology challenged people. and make it both easy as I have used both.  Be willing to do research on this subject to find what will be best for you. If you truly want a website though, my suggestion is to do it through as they can make it for you (for a price) or you can do it on your own.  Many businesses are going through to have there own websites.
  4. Did you hire a designer or do it yourself?  I did not hire a designer. My website is through (for now).  I did not want a typical/basic black and white theme. I wanted my website/blog to be different and unique like I am as my purpose on my site is to show you are different & unique and you should embrace that. I used the Escutcheon theme; it is a free theme. My advice with this is to not copy anyone’s website, be yourself and let your creative juices come flowing from within you. If you are not the creative type, then ask those who know you who are creative with this.
  5. Why do you not use visual aids, photos, videos, or memes? I do and you do see that on some of my posts.  Some people overuse them, so I do the opposite because I don’t like going to websites where I have to sift through an article because there is so many visual aids that it is overwhelming. When it is a recipe for something, I really don’t like it.  I don’t know about you, but too much of that takes away my joy in reading. I rather be a minimalist when it comes to this.
  6. To make your own memes, photo editor apps can be used.  I use Photo Editor (dev.macgyver); you can find it in the Play Store on your  smartphone. I make memes to be the size of 1080 by 1080, so they fit well on sites like Instagram.  I made the meme at the top of this post.
  7. When wanting to use someone else’s work in some way, get permission. Contact that person and ask if you may use it. Make sure to cite and give credit to that person. Source what you use back to that person’s website.  When I don’t use my own photos, I always cite in this way: photo found on Internet; otherwise, I cite the website where it originated from to cover my bases with plagiarism.  That way it is cited & sourced at least in some way.
  8. A few other tips. Make sure to follow and like other bloggers as well as like and leave comments on their posts. Communicate with those who leave you a comment even if it is just liking what they said. Don’t forget to check your contact form (also called feedback) to see who has left a message. Some comments and messages are spam; it’s up to you in deciding whether to keep any comments & messages and approve or to delete them permanently. Promote your blog to those you know and give them the web address, and ask them to sign up to follow you.
  9. Hackers, yes they are out there.  My advice is not to post a personal email address to your contact form. I do not post an email address at all to my contact form. Make sure you have a strong password with different cases, symbols, and numbers. When you create a password and it says it needs to be at least 6 characters, make it at least another two to three characters longer. You want something easy to remember so you can remember the password, but something not others will think of doing. Example: Let’s say you had a cat named Shadow and he passed away when he was 17 years old and he died in 2018.  Use part of the cat’s name or gender, the age he died and the year he died, so you could do Mr17#ShadCat18 or KittySh18Mr#17.  Be creative when it comes to making strong passwords. One more tip with passwords. We need them on so many different websites we go to, so keep track of your user names and passwords in a notebook or a file on your computer (and it back up on a flash drive) so you have the information for when you need it.  But make sure only you have access to this information and keep it in a safe place.
  10. Others can recommend and advise you all you want (or they want), but it is important for you to do the work if you want a blog.  When you ask questions about something, but then don’t do the work yourself it comes across like you are lazy. Maybe you just aren’t sure what to do and how to get started. Like I said in #1 of these tips, you have to be willing to search and research things on the Internet and do it yourself.  When you do things for yourself, it takes the power away from others; don’t give that power unless they are trustworthy.  When you so things for yourself it gives you the power and confidence you need to succeed in whatever it is you are wanting to achieve.  In the beginning, it is best for you to know the ins and outs of a blog, so if and when it comes time to let someone else do the work, you can feel reassured of the work you have already done.
  11. Contact Page & other pages, some of you are asking where it is on my website. If you simply started looking at the pages at the top of my website you will see what I offer. I did not want a bunch of pages shown at the top of my website because I personally think it makes the site too busy looking, so I made parent pages with pages under them.  To me it is a cleaner way to have more pages even though  people are not thinking about looking to see there are other pages on my site.  Since the writing of this post, this has changed where you can view all the pages on my website instead of them being under another page.
  12. Write about what you know. I’m sure if you like or love writing you have been told that.  What are you passionate about? What do you enjoy and enjoy doing?  What inspires you? What do you love? What gives you joy? Remember just because someone else may say something similar, you are unique and different, and what you say will and should be said in your own words.  If you don’t share with the world what you have learned or know about, how is anyone going to know what you have to offer them. You have a voice; use it and speak up about what matters to you!  You are unique, special, and different; embrace it to be the best authentic you, so you can bring inspiration to others.






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