The Basics of Makeup

Woman Primping  Are there rules in applying makeup? Does it matter in what order you apply it? Should I wear makeup and what should I wear? Some of us wonder about the answers to these questions.

Common sense should tell you not to apply makeup in a moving vehicle (specifically a car) especially any kind of eye makeup or using any kind of eye tools; it’s too dangerous as you could hurt yourself even when you don’t mean to because you just don’t ever know what’s going to happen in a moving vehicle.  Even though there aren’t any rules when it comes to makeup, someone always has to give their “two cents” on what works for them.  What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for everyone else.  We are each different and unique, and each person should aspire to bring out their best features or hide what they see as their worst features or imperfections.  Even makeup artists are different; what one will do, another will do differently so when it comes to getting advice from a professional bear that in mind.  You still get to do what you want or feel is best for you regardless of what any professional tells you.

As young girls we watch our mothers (or the significant women in our life) apply makeup wishing we could apply makeup, so when mama isn’t looking we go into her vanity drawers and use her lipstick on our face and lips, maybe even use it on the wall or mirror.  As we become older our parents tell us what age, we can start wearing makeup.  For most of us it is 16 years of age, but it doesn’t mean we don’t start dabbling with it at a younger age.  Ever wonder, how did Mom learn about makeup? Just as most others have, from her mom or significant females in her life unless she went to the library or department store.

Basic makeup is concealer, foundation, and powder.  Concealer helps in hiding blemishes, some fine lines, some scars, redness, and the dark area under the eyes. If you don’t have any of those issues, then don’t use concealer; most of us need it in some way. Foundation helps hide some of the problems that concealer does, but its main purpose is to even out one’s skin tone which most of us need. Don’t feel the need to put foundation all over your face; use it where you need it. Powder helps set the other two products; although, it is a product one can use alone as it can help reduce shine & oiliness and can be applied before using the other two products for a light layer for the makeup to adhere to one’s face better.  Just know that when it comes to all three of these products professionals will say to use foundation, concealer, and then powder.  Foundation does cover a good amount of imperfections on its own, so it cuts down on how much concealer will be used.  When you use concealer after foundation, it will just be used to spot conceal imperfections; although, concealer can be used prior to foundation in the same way and you may find you will use less foundation that way, and concealer can be used on its own.  When using concealer no matter the form (liquid, cream, powder), make sure it sets on your face a few minutes so your skin can warm it up naturally & do something else during that time.  It will be easier to blend to your skin if you do that rather than put it on and automatically start blending it.  If you use your finger lightly dab the concealer until it blends into your skin; otherwise, use a beauty blender (the micro mini one is best for this). I find that using concealer prior to foundation helps the two blend together better and it doesn’t matter what form of concealer it is; I think it makes the overall appearance more cohesive; that’s my “two cents”. I wear mineral makeup and tend to wear a powder form of all three products. I don’t wear a heavy, layered makeup look. As I age, I like my freckles to show so I like a light layer of makeup, but a good enough layer to cover imperfections.

Just to touch on highlighting and contouring, this is not something that should be done daily unless you are working where you are in the spotlight such as an actress, model, singer, etc.  If you want to highlight & contour or do one of the other, then by all means do it. This takes time to do when you are a novice, and it should be designed in a way for each person as we are each unique.  It helps to do research on highlighting and contouring, so read articles online, read books, or go to Youtube for videos on how to go about doing it properly.  If not done correctly, it looks bad and can make you look like you have dirt on your face and make your makeup uneven and not cohesive.  Without a doubt, blending is the key with highlighting and contouring.

As far as other makeup it is a choice; well, all makeup is a choice. If you want a natural look, the basic makeup with some mascara is a good way to go. Many women do not wear makeup, but those of us who do don’t just wear the basic makeup we want some color on our face.  That’s when blush, lip products, and eye products come in handy (stay tuned that will be in another posting).

When it comes down to it, the bottom line, there are no rules when it comes to makeup. Application may matter with fall out of product, but it does not matter in what order you apply makeup.  It is all a choice when it comes to wearing makeup, to application, to the products you wear, to what order you apply makeup products. Do what you want; look at trends, but don’t feel you have to follow them. As I like to say, be your own trend by being yourself.



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