Celebrate You! – poem

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Celebrate you!

Celebrating You!
You are different for a reason!
God made you to be a unique individual,
So you could be you
And not be another person
As there is no other like you.

Just because we may have differences
Does not mean we have to be sorry
For what we do or say
Unless we have a reason to show compassion,
A reason to be regretful, or a reason to feel bad.
Don’t apologize for who you are
Or what you stand for,
If others cannot accept you as you are
And accept that others are different from them
Then that is on them not you.

Be proud in who you are
And what you have become
And what you have accomplished.
If we are not comfortable or content
And at peace with ourselves,
Then we have to change something
In order to be who we are meant to be;
And that is to be ultimately you,
In the way God intended you to be
So celebrate you
And all that you are!

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