Toxicity in Trash

Trash beside receptacle and not in it! I do not understand why people do this. I picked it up and put it in the receptacle.


If you don’t respect & honor the land, how do you expect to truly respect and honor yourself, others, & animals?

Think of it this way. When you don’t dispose of trash properly, it gets in the water and soil. We plant gardens with the soil and that trash can lead to a very toxic environment in our body when we eat what we plant. When the trash gets in the water, it eventually leads into the oceans and it becomes toxic that way. This is bad for us and all the animals.

What you put out into this world comes back to you. Please dispose of trash in the proper ways. Help your city, town, county, state, country and our planet be clean.

Trash all over on the side of the trail, all that white crap you see is trash. There is more trash than you can possibly see in this photo.

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