The Criticism Voice

Criticism, how do you deal with it?

Most of us don’t know how to deal with it.

Is it wise to say something or not?

Is it wise to dignify it with any kind of a response?

If the person knows you or not is irrelevant.

Let’s say you wrote, read, or even sang something

And someone completely disagrees and has nothing nice to say about it

Are you really going to let that person bother you?

If it comes from your heart and soul,

That is truly an expression of you

And no one can take that away from you

For you are uniquely made with different talents & skills from another person.

If you let everything or everybody bother you

Then they are controlling you.

Consider the source

If they don’t know you,

Then don’t sweat it as they don’t know the place where you are coming from

If they do know you and their opinion matters to you,

Then sit down and calmly talk with them about it

Ask them how what you did can be improved.

No matter what you have a voice

If you want to be heard

You have to speak up for yourself

Just always improve yourself

Always be seeking to know who you are

And what you stand for

Don’t allow and let others negativity drag you down

Stand up and be the most beautiful, kind, positive, & authentic version of you

In the face of whatever adversities come your way.







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