What’s so good about it?

Fred came in the office and in his warm tone said, “Good Morning!”

Sally  looked at him peering over her glasses and said, “What’s so good about it?”

Another coworker, Anna said, “It’s good I have another day of life. I’m thankful I still have 10 fingers and 10 toes.”

That little scenario is based on a true story.

And isn’t it so true!

Instead of looking at the gloom and doom of each day, we need to be thankful.

Thankful for another day of life, thankful for each breath we take.

When we look at the negative, it does nothing but bring us down.

There will always be someone who has it worse than you. There are people who live out on the streets who don’t have anywhere warm to sleep when it’s cold or raining outside.

Be thankful for each day,

For everything you have,

For all the beautiful & wonderful people in your life.

You could very well wake up one morning and wake up to find you have nothing and nobody.

So be thankful & grateful for what you have.








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