Don’t Just Walk Away – poem

Don’t Just Walk Away


Say something;
Don’t walk away without saying something.
Saying you are busy and don’t have time to talk is better than nothing.
Saying something is better than nothing.

Saying talk to you later is better than not replying at all
Saying goodbye forever is better than to just walk out of someone’s life without saying anything.
Man up because just walking away is more harmful than you know.
Feeling like you are being ignored, not heard, and/or acknowledged

You feel like you might as well be invisible.
With toxic people, you have to just walk away.
But those of us who are open, straightforward, & honest deserve to have respect

And desire to have loving, trustworthy relationships.
So don’t just turn your back and walk away without a word.
Be the person I know you can be and at least say goodbye if that’s what you want.

We are both adults and need to act responsibly in treating each other as such.


It’s really painful when someone does not talk with you much less reply when you say something to them.  I have been there more than I would like to be. All I can do is be the person I know to be and get over it no matter how difficult.  There are times I scream, cry, and let it out, but I know that doesn’t always help. When the other person isn’t willing to talk, I give it God as I can’t force that person.  Sometimes time is a friend, and other times not. We have to let go of what we can’t change.  You would think as we become older we want to face others instead of running with our tail between our legs, but many let the inner child come to life.





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