Proper Way to pop a pimple (if you must)

Pimples, zits, a small papule, or pustule whatever you may call them.  The question is do you squeeze and pop or not.

Any professional would tell you most likely “No” to that question especially if you have acne or pimples all over your face. Squeezing a pimple can force the bacteria-containing fluid through the layers of the surrounding skin, spreading the infection, and may cause even more pimples. If you have acne, there is too much risk for infecting the other spots on your face thus creating more pimples.  Any time you deliberately break skin, you risk creating scars or infection through the break in the skin.  It is not advisable to use a facial scrub if you have a zit or acne; this will disrupt the condition of your skin.  If you get the occasional pimple, then use a facial scrub when you do not have any zits on your face.  If you have acne and have ongoing skin problems, please go see a dermatologist and talk to a licensed esthetician.

If you must pop, make sure the pimple has a head to it. Some pimples do pop on its own, so if you feel you cannot wait then take the proper steps.  The head must be clear or a whitish color where the pus has risen to the top.  Before even thinking of pricking a zit, wash your hands thoroughly even under the nails. Cleanse and tone your face or just the area of the zit (if there is one zit); this helps prep the area as you are about to perform a self mini surgery.  To do this, get a needle and dab rubbing alcohol on it, rinse it off with water, and then dry off the needle on a clean hand or face towel.  Slant the needle to the pimple and prick the pimple in the middle of it in order to open it.  Once you prick it, gently squeeze it (with light pressure) with your fingers by laying your index fingers on either side of the pimple and then switch to the other side of the pimple and squeeze again. For example, lay your fingers on the top and bottom sides of the zit and then the left and right sides of the zit. Do not use force when squeezing; this can lead to scarring. Also, don’t force all of the pus out until the pimple bleeds. If it bleeds after all the pus comes out, it’s OK; you just don’t want the zit to bleed by forcing the pus out.  If all the pus does not come out, don’t force it out; just make sure to put some facial toner on a cotton ball and dab the pimple with it.

If you have a really hard core, you will not be able to push all of the pus out.  Squeeze only once on all sides of the zit. When you are done, clean the needle again with rubbing alcohol & then rinse with water; then dry it with a clean hand (or face) towel.  Get a cotton pad (or ball) and apply facial toner or witch hazel to the pimple that you popped. Wash your hands (even under the nails) after popping zits. If you are going to put makeup or anything else on your face, make sure to let the your face or that area where the zit is to dry. It’s best not to pop pimples before applying makeup as they are harder to conceal after popping them. Reserve a needle for popping pimples, so it’s not used for other purposes.

Here’s a great site to read more about pimples:


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