Comfort in grief

When a dear long-time family friend passes away (or when anyone you know passes away), it forever changes you. It makes you think & question your own life, your own choices. Like many a life that has gone on before him, his life becomes etched onto our hearts. Taking a piece of our heart, & taking some of our love with him. Find comfort in the joy of knowing him. It doesn’t mean we should forget him much less love any less, but rest in the beauty he gave to our life.

May his spirit unfold a beckoning light which shines brighter with the multitude of angels surrounding us that help lead us through the dark valleys. Choirs of angels sing around us as we go about our day, so we may be strengthened after we fall. Let not the memories haunt, but be a comfort of peace. Let the joy envelop your soul. Let the love, enrich your life. May love and happiness anchor you to others. Rest in knowing they loved him too.

May he be a star that helps guide, a light brightening a path, a guardian angel to all those who loved him and his comforting presence always be near.

Don’t let someone’s death disrupt your life where it’s too hard to live your own life. Our lives are temporary on this earth. Let yourself grieve, but it is important to live and enjoy life no matter what happens. We need to celebrate the lives of those who go on before us, remembering them with such love and fond memories.


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