Be moved to action

The way we think about ourselves is powerful. When we are positive & feel and think we can do anything, it moves us to action. It moves us to do whatever is humanly possible. And it moves us to do what we even think we are not capable of doing.

If someone told me four years ago I was going to lose over a 100 pounds in two years, I would have rolled my eyes at them.  If someone told me I would gain the strength to leave out of my almost 14-year-old marriage, I would have said “Really?” But here I am four years later, and I have lost 100 plus pounds. I divorced and removed myself from a very unhealthy marriage. I have never felt more proud of myself because I lost the weight all naturally. I went gluten-free, started limiting my sugar intake, & walked as much as I could 5 to 6 days a week.

It meant changing how I saw myself, so that adjustment had to happen on the inside before I could work on the outside. For that to happen, it meant several things. I turned to God & meditation more than I ever have. It was about expanding my wings and allowing myself to soar into his grace, love, and guidance for my life. I removed toxic people & relationships out of my life. It did mean surrounding myself with supportive people who are honest, honorable, know when not to talk, and know when to back off. Having those kinds of people in life helps us lead our lives more beautifully & peacefully.  Relying more on my intuition and listening to that gnawing feeling in my gut has given me much peace of mind.  I regained a strong mental outlook that helped me to stand up to others, so I can defend myself when needed. Because believe me, if you have a controlling & manipulative person who has a strong hold on you, then you need to remove that person from your life. You will be a better & stronger person in believing you deserve better.

Please know that if you are struggling with weight, unhealthy relationships, or with your frame of mind, that you can do whatever you set your mind to do. You have the power to change, you just need to find your will and the motivation. Then you need to find your reasons for keeping up with it. For me, it was about gaining & regaining control. It was about finding strength and becoming a more resilient person. For me, it was about wanting to lose the weight for health issues I was having. It is about loving and respecting yourself.

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