Not a blog, but a website

HBL Holistic Beaute Loop

Welcome to Holistic Beauté Loop or HBL (for short).

First and foremost, please check out & read About Author and About HBL pages in the upper right corner of the website under About!  This will give you pertinent information about me and about this website, maybe a bit more than you want to know. Ha ha!

Let me clarify and elaborate a bit of my plans with Holistic Beauté Loop; although, that has been stated some in the above pages. This is not a blog, and I don’t want it to be all about me; although, I can see others saying it’s a blog.  I will be sharing many different things about myself and what I do to help myself.  This is a website, and a tool to help others find healing, peace, & love in whatever ails them from inner to outer turmoil. I enjoy helping others, been told I have a way with words, and been told many times (over the years) I should have become a therapist. I’m more of a listener than a talker, always have been. I find I’m more of a writer than anything as you will see as time moves forward.

If you want to recommend subject writing material, need advice or recommendations, or if seeking professional help in some way, or wanting to collaborate with me professionally, I ask you to please feel free to contact me through the Contact page (in the upper right hand corner of the website). Please don’t feel like you need to leave a comment on a post to do that, and I rather you go through the Contact page for those particular inquiries.

Please always feel free to comment on a post.  If you must critique, I ask you do it in a nice & loving way; otherwise, don’t do it at all.  We never know how our words affect others and some of us are more sensitive than others. If you critique in a not so nice way, it will be deleted. This is my website, and I do decide what stays and what goes.  I will not tolerate any kind of bad language or any sexual references/propositions. I’m not here to be a matchmaker or for someone to match-make me.

Life is about being the best you and a better you each and every day. It is not beating yourself up from past experiences, but to learn from them. It is being a better you than you were yesterday & today, so you can be a better you tomorrow and be an inspiration to others.

Please know this website is a work in progress & is still under construction just like life itself.

Peace, Joy, & Love — may it nourish your minds today and always!




















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